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Published: 14th January 2011
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A raffle is basically a game of tickets. People buy numbered tickets, with each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. The game originated in Italy, but is now popular the world over ,with raffle ticket printing shops in all parts of the world including ticket printing in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Originally the game was a piece of paper with handwritten numbers on it that use to be made in duplicate. These papers use to put into a pot at a family gathering and then one piece of paper would be drawn out. The person, in the gathering, with the duplicate would be awarded a prize, usually something simple like a jam preserve or a bottle of homemade wine. Now days raffles involve prizes as small as a 50 cent coin to as large as a family sized salon car. Tickets can be purchased for individual item prizes or even in bulk for any prize from the lot. Then, depending upon the game, numbers are drawn for individual prizes or for rows and columns on the raffle ticket This scenario continues until all prizes are exhausted / have been given away.

With so many games coming up, and looking at the increasing popularity of this game, raffle ticket printing shops have sprouted up all over the world. Saad, a Muslim national from Australia says the game is very similar to Tambola, where they have the same ticket system. He himself has an immensely successful raffle ticket printing business with ticket printing shops in Perth, Adelaide ticket printing shops, and the newly launched ticket printing Brisbane shop. Saad also plans to shortly launch an online ticket printing shop from Adelaide, wherein customers can login to his website, pay and print tickets online.

Nowadays a common practice for increasing revenue obtained from the sales of tickets is to offer options for sales in bulk. It is but obvious that people will buy more than 2 or 3 tickets and somehow, true or not, the belief goes that more tickets means a better chance of winning a prize. A funny but interesting aspect is that this game is also used to cheat laws or raise money. Take for example, United Kingdom. Only licensed premises in the UK are allowed to sell Alcohol but there is no restriction on Alcohol being offered as a prize in a raffle: Yet Again, in Australia, Meat Raffles are a frequent scene in pubs and registered clubs. Meat, chicken and seafood, usually ready prepared dishes, are raffled off to raised money for a good cause which can include charities, animal protection clubs, a local school and such. On the whole, raffles are interesting and enjoyable, and a good weekend entertainer.

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