Crow Traps- For lousy crows!!

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Published: 07th January 2011
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Black is the color of evil and doom and it has been seen many a times that crows and ravens infect the place where there is death. Many an old tale says that a lingering crow or raven near the home is the first signal of badluck or doom or even death. No wonder people are so keen to get rid of crows and get rid of ravens. An old saying goes that if you see a crow while you are out to make a new beginning, like a job interview or inauguration of that new office or are on your way to a marriage, it is best not to proceed because the crow has already signaled a black beginning.

Aside from the doom factor, many a Australian household, liked to sit in their gardens, balcony’s and or even on the house terraces relaxing with a cup of tea and some snacks to eat, and like uninvited guests, crows and ravens make it a point to spoil the evening, with terrible crow sounds and raven sounds, And many a times, these birds make out crow traps and raven traps and altogether avoid them.

Unnaturally intelligent, these birds are non-vegetarians as well. The have an uncanny knack for feeding on vine bushes in vineyards or on grains and berries and eventually end up spoiling entire crops. Farmers and households who leave preserves and pickles and cherries etc. in the sun to cook and dry are often severely disappointed at the end of the day when they go out and find their stuff destroyed or with crow and raven excreta all over the place. Ravens and Crows also eat smaller birds like sparrows, lovebirds and chickens on farms. Infact many a farmer have reported that these birds even attack new born lambs and sheep. They also bring food from all over the city/town and drop it over the house or the farm. Imagine a situation wherein you wake up early morning to go out and get the newspaper and find a dirty smelly dead bird with ants running all over the place! What a disastrous morning!

Crow control, crow traps, raven traps raven repellents are some of the stuff many a Australian think about every single day but they don’t work especially as the crows have worked their ways around them. And no matter how much these problem causing birds are hated, killing crows is illegal in Australia, despite the fact that almost every Australian is singing crow be gone!

Many an Australian are now looking to get rid of crows using more humane techniques like digital repellers, CD’s, books on how to get rid of crows etc.

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