Crow trap-“Best way for getting rid of crows”

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Published: 15th December 2010
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The black bringers of doom, crows and their worse but equally problematic cousins the ravens, are causing a pain in the neck for many a person. Crow scares, crow decoys, raven repellents, raven traps and crow traps fail to work, almost always, and the headache causing crow sound and raven sound is beginning to become a health concern for many Australians.

The most unfortunate things about these birds are that they are black and are associated with evil, doom and death. They seem to be at all the places where death or doom or bad luck has happened or is about to happen. In fact even our ancestors use to try their best to get rid of crowsand get rid of ravens using the best possible crow control from their times because they also knew that these pesky non-vegetarian birds are the first signal of death, doom and bad luck.

With these birds growing in number by the day, various people are trying various forms of crow control and raven control today. These birds of obnoxious looks and sound but of immense intelligence are hated for a variety of reasons one of which is the early morning jog. People go out for jogs early in the morning only to be repelled by the crow soundand raven sound and their excreta lying all over the place.

The same is a problem with many home owners also. All that they see is crows hovering above them all the time despite the fact they use all forms of crow repellents and raven repellents. These houses also put out seeds for song birds only to find that the crow repellents and raven repellents have been avoided very intelligently by the pesky birds and that all the songbirds have been killed and eaten.

Farmers also report a pain in the neck because of these birds and are trying all sorts of ways to get rid of crows and get rid of ravens. These birds have and uncanny tendency to spoil the crops and eat up the berries. Farms also say that all their sundried produced gets eaten or excreted upon and all farms are finding it extremely difficult to get rid of crows and ravens because most of the crow control and raven control methods like the raven decoys, crow repellents bird gards and all fail because these birds have found their own ways around them.

Unfortunately for all, many a country do not allow the killing of crows. The same is illegal. All that the people who are fed up of crows want, is to be able to get rid of these bird in a humane and safe manner.

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